Этот дневик я перестала вести очень давно. Единственные обновления - это автоматический перепост с моего блога,
где я пишу о профессиональной части своей жизни: о проектах, выставках, фестивалях, воркшопах и преподаванию
в области медиа искусства, мягкой электроники и интерактивной илюстрации.

Блог | Портфолио

Ещё я веду блог о необычных мероприятиях в Мюнхене с кратким еженедельным обзором. Для тех кому часто
хочется чего-то новенького в городе, но нет времени или возможности выискивать.

Venice + Biennale 2011

Съездила на прошлых выходных совершенно спонтанно в Венецию на Биенале. Оказалось лишнее свободное место в машине :)
Ну, что я вам скажу, современное искусство в большинстве своём просто лажа. В основном всё теперь инсталяционное и создаётся ощущение, что свежих идей нет. В продчем, я конечно не знаю, по какому принципу тех или иных ходожников приглашают на Биеннале. Но по-моему, классическое искусство выжилось и будущее теперь за Medienkunst, хохо :)))

Зато Венеция мне во второй раз понравилась гараздо больше, чем в первый! Фактически всё было на удивление очень итальянским и только вмеру туристическим. Вплоть до картин маслом: мальчика, кричащего своему другу в окно: "Эй Лука, пошли кушать, мама приготовила пиццу!" или просто бабулечек-сплетниц во дворе.

Полный фотоотчёт можно посмотреть сдесь:

а лучше наверное даже сдесь:


INVITATION: 100 Word Pilgrimage at Hatched Gallery

If you are in London between 11th and 24th of May, you should come, pop in, drop by, get down- you get the idea - to our interactive audio-visual exhibition A Journey from South to East - a continuation of the 100 Word Pilgrimage project! The opening is at Hatched Gallery, on the 10th of May, 6-10 pm.

There will be some new illustrations and written pieces on display, among others an illustration dedicated to Rotherhithe I've finally finished a couple of days ago. You will also see beautiful new illustrations by Tatiana, Wumi, Eddie, Kalinda and many more! Come and bring your portable binary friends of any size!

To give you the taste, here's a gorgeous invitation designed by Tatiana:

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Berlin Street Art -and- museums

Having done the Alternative London Tour in September and praising it to heaven, I went on the Alternative Berlin Tour... but was a bit unlucky with the guide, who turned out to be a passionate squatter, but didn't seem to be particularly interested in street art. Moreover,  he was talking about my favourite street artist in a an ignorant and disrespectful manner.
Trying to ignore these negative vibes, I managed to take some nice pictures.
The most impressive part of the tour was walking around Hackescher Höfe:

Our anarchistic guide

left: beautiful calligraphy by ?, right: a scary creature by BLU

If this monster swallows your euro and you are lucky enough, 

it will spread its wings, bounce a bit and open its tired eyes.


Anna Frank by Jimmy C

To quote our guide: "And I don't know what this fetish with dead 

animals should be anyway." It made be turn red...

Turns out that this piece is part of the Nike campaign. Yes, not very comme il faut in street art scene, but I'd still mention Vils other pieces and his amazing technique, if I was a guide...

Can't remember the artist's name. Apparently, when it's dark they project a flag on 

the wall, so that it looks as if the astronaut was holding it in his hand. Wicked.

And after work I also had the time to sneak 

into this fantastic Museum of Communication!


All the geeky joy! I could stare for hours at the cables, 

triodes or these porcelain insulators for telegraph poles!

An early telegraph with electric needles

And also I discovered this magic place known as Medienarchaeologischer Fundus at the Humboldt University. Not only was it funny to meet the author of a book I was using for my MA thesis (especially me telling him: "Oh, you know this guy who wrote this book..."). But also hilarious to find out that they actually borrowed us three objects for the Evil Media exhibition!


A litte bit of kitsch

Love you when the sun comes out! 


The other day I cycled to the centre for the first time, instead of taking the tube. Before that I only had the courage to cycle to the college all the way through parks and quiet roads. And I must say, I discovered a convincing number of cycle lanes (even though they're part of the busy roads) and met many cyclists on my way, which was reassuring.

It's such a beautiful way to explore the city with all it's beauties and "uglies". I saw so many beautiful corners, churches, parks and quiet streets South from the Thames, still waiting to be introduced to me. And on my way back I saw... well... Bermondsey. South Bermondsey. Never realised how huge it is. It's a pity I don't have any pictures, as it was already getting dark.

Oh yes, I was complaining that there is no "golden" autumn over here. Well, I just had to be a bit patient. 

Upd.: How cynical is that. Here I am, writing my first post on cycling ever, just to discover 20 minutes later that my bike was stolen...

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V&A Digital Design Weekend

Last weekend Victoria and Albert Museum had a Digital Design Weekend and I was very lucky to be part of it. There was a huge exhibition showcasing exciting projects, surrounded by crowds of visitors. Meanwhile, I was assisting a MzTEK workshop, where we made soft-circuit robots with participants, or short: softbots. We had two sessions, 3 hours each, with participants of different ages and backgrounds.

The aim of these workshops is always to get people interested in creative electronics, demonstrate how accessible it is and provide an initial motivation to explore this world independently.

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Foodie post

I've been tempted to post this for a long time... Not sure if it's interesting, but it definitely makes me hungry. Eat something before you look through it. Or you'll end up eating afterwards :)


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Поздний визит

Пару недель назад нагрянули мы двоём с моей прекрасной гречанкой Анной в Илюхин офис, чтоб есть гречку... Нет, чтобы забрать бедного мальчика, который остался последним на фирме в столь поздний час. Время ожидания мы провели не впустую, на Анну нашло вдохновение и мы устроили фотошут ;)


Peckham - Zimbabwe - India

In our second term we have to define our minor projects, ideally addressing our final project in the last term. As we are supposed to support each other as much as possible, I joined Anila for the first empirical research for her project.

I'll try to describe Anila's background, so that you understand, why we did this strange stuff on an ordinary Wednesday afternoon. Anila is an Indian from Zimbabwe, who moved to the UK when she was 18 and is an English native speaker. She did her Bachelor degree in Arts and works as a curator for various arts projects, festivals, exhibitions, etc. For her minor project she wants to dwell upon the political situation in Zimbabwe. For this purpose she decided to concentrate on the electricity as a source of power and control, because the government frequently turns down the whole electrical supply of the country. For a start she was advised by Graham to pick some wood around her home and then lit a fire and try to cook something, to experience what the lack of electricity actually means.

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My hacking week-end

Last week-end I participated in a hacking workshop for women only. Our boys were really upset about being excluded and I still don't quite understand why they weren't allowed to join. But apparently it's a way to get more women involved in electronics... Anyway. 

We didn't really have time to hack into any device, but we created some sound-guns as I call them. 

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Favourite painters

I always have time for things I am not supposed to do. Like this one. Although I started thinking of this post a long time ago.

Here are painters, who are very special to me. Most of them I love deeply.
And yes, there are almost no contemporary painters among them. That's because in my opinion arts is gone in a very installative direction. So recently I became much more interested in illustrators and photographers. To me, they seem to be more honest in a way, less conceptual.

Ok, here we go. I am sure I have forgotten somebody. So please tell me!

Chagall, Renoir, Vermeer,
Banksy, Lora Zombie, El Greco,
Gauguin, Ernst, Klee,
Turner, Hundertwasser, Vrubel',
Frida Kahlo, Modigliani 

What about your favourite painters?


The first week of teaching passed...

It's been a really intensive week, but it was just the beginning. Everything's gonna get even worse. In a very positive way. Puff, I have courses every day!

Monday morning and the whole Tuesday: critical practice in the lab with Graham Harwood (media art +  coding)
 Graham shakes us, tries to confuse us in our understanding of media and of the world in general so far, this 
 method is called defamiliarisation.
 It was veeery intensive this week and everybody was really confused afterwards!

Wednesday: media theory with Luciana Parisi (lecture + seminar)
Very interesting! After being introduced to new media theorists and their concepts we discussed them in the seminar. I've already bought a FAT reader for this course.

Thursday: technical workshops with Alan
 Learned some Linux commands. And I'm really looking forward to "meeting" Arduino in a couple of weeks.

Friday: option course Mediating the Social with Goetz Bachmann (lecture + 3 hours lab)
Love it! Again, it's both theory and practice. The cool thing is that we work together with the students of    
the newly established MA programme Creating Social Media, which sounds really exciting! And before     
creating the online social life, we start with getting to know the offline beginnings. That's why we started with ethnography and its methods. Very exciting! Apart from reading we get a task for every week. For instance,  this week we are supposed to go to a really weird place we wouldn't normally go to and hang out with the people there. Afterwards we should run to the toilet and make some secret notes. And then write everything 
down in a neatly way at home :)

As you can see, life is very  intense here... And the crazy thing is that we've got plans for every evening of the upcoming week. Feel like we're at home and not in a new place where you hardly know anybody. 

Ilya has a job interview tomorrow. It's a Swiss advertising company and they are just four people in their London office. So let's see what it's gonna be like. We still don't have a flat, but will try to get a better price for a studio we kind of liked just minutes away from the tube station Canada Water.  

That's it so far. Sorry for all my spelling and other mistakes, I'm just too tired :)


A London-ish week-end

Enough of glossy life, this time I want to show you the shabby side of London. And a lot more. This is our walk on a lovely day two weeks ago:

Well, this park is not particularly shabby, but wait for it...

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Cultural food

Wow, it's been a craaazy week! Too many things happening, too much information. It just doesn't fit into my poor little head. Here is our evening programme in short:

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And this is just the evening programme, as I mentioned before! I still intend to write a documentation of my studies as I will need to hand it in by the end of semester anyway.
Say no more, say no more.
Nudge, nudge.



Вот, откопала видео, которое мы снимали на семинаре по информатике полтора года назад. (Меня вы там не увидите, я за камерой.) Надо было продемострировать, извините, интерфейс, который мы весь семестр разрабатывали.

Самое клёвое, что чемпионат европы по футболу закончился за неделю до съёмок, поэтому последнюю сцену мы снимали перед входом в Klassik am Odeonsplatz. Надо было видеть лица дядечек и тётечек в вечерних нарядах и их недоумевающие лица :)

Но самые последние кадры я таки догадалась снять ещё во время последней игры на настоящем public viewing. Поэтому слышен Илюхин голос за кадром ;)

смотреть видео



спасибо всем, кто пришёл, поздравил, не поздравил и просто всем! Было очень хорошо :) Ням-ням!

ПыСы: Ждите диск с записью, кто ещё не...


Venice + Biennale 2011





Я решила завести блог, чтоб выкладывать рисунки, фотки и т.п.
Всё это в надежде на то, что это меня будет больше мотивировать рисовать и креативничать. Вот.

Добро пожаловать сюда!


дошли руки-крюки

Пару впечатлений от Чебиного солнечного дня рождения на Изаре :)

Cheba d.r.



Выбрала на прошлых выходных универ. Пойду, как и ожидалось, в Goldsmiths, понравились они мне.

Заодно погуляли в четвёртый раз по городу: покатались на вротом этаже омнибуса по центру; нашли улицу, на которой живут всякие Обрамовичи в Чэлси, она так и называется: Pont Street; наткнулись на блошиный рынок на Portobello Road в Notting Hill; открыли для себя BFI (British Film Institute) с огромным архивом английского кино, которое можно смотреть абсолютно "за бесплатно", продегустировали с Митечкой и Наташечкой где-то 6 разных сортов эля.

осальное в пикассе или вконтакте.

panda eats, shoots and leaves!