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Wearables Workshop Development and Conduction: my seminar at the LMU

During the last week of February I was teaching a seminar on wearable technology and education for the third time in a row. This course was a collaboration with Dr. Karin Guminski and Michael Dietrich from SPIELkultur, and Simone Damm was assisting us this year.
All pictures on this page are courtesy of the seminar participants or Anna Blumenkranz

We had an intense week, during which the students had to come up with a workshop idea and produce it: acquire all necessary materials and tools, make an instruction, and after assessing the workload for their target group pre-produce different parts and steps. The next week after the course we went into a school and conducted these workshops with the 5th and 7th grade kids during two afternoons.

One of the challenges this year was having the double amount of students on the course: 24 instead of 12... And another trouble was that I had a flu and completely lost my voice on the second day. Which is not the most convenient thing for a teacher. On the last day of the course, my co-teachers had to act as my voice and read or say out loud what I was meaning to tell everyone in the classroom. Human amplifiers :)

On the technical side, this year I've introduces the students to ATTiny85, as I wanted them work with sound. ATTinys are little micro-controllers, which only cost 1,50€ in the eHaJo-shop! A great price for a computer. Similar to an arduino, you can address different pins through code, and attach sensors and actuators to them. Here is what we were doing during the first one and a half days:

STEP1: I've used Arduino Uno to programme the ATTinys (thanks to Hannah Perner-Wilson for a fantastic tutorial). I've used the following code for the Super Mario tune, and this one for the Star Wars tune, and adjusted both slightly.

STEP2: I've made the following swatch to demonstrate the circuit. I intentionally left it as basic as possible, as I didn't want to influence the students' future designs in any way. The circuit uses a 3V battery as a power source, the ATTiny chip soldered onto a piece of stripboard to control everything, a piezo for the buzzing audio output and a standard LED for the light, and two popper switches to open the circuit.

I was very pleased with some of the students' ideas and designs, which extended my circuit and incorporated it in various designs, making them attractive for 10-12-year-olds! There were sock puppets, Minion smartphone pockets with stretch sensors, school book covers with owls, bags with printed tape recorders to switch on and Super Mario mushrooms

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Wearables: Workshop Production and Practice

This February I tought a blocked week-long seminar at the LMU, in collaboration with Karin Guminski as well as Michael Dietrich from SPIELkultur. On this course the students were introduced to the basic techniques of wearable electronics. They were then split in three groups. The rest of the time was spent on brainstorming and workshop development, acquisition of materials, planning, designing, etc. On the last day of the seminar we went to Nymphenburger Gymnasien to test out the workshops with the students' of the 10th grade there. It was a very exciting experience for the students on the course, they mastered the whole day brilliantly and enjoyed teaching a lot. Here is a much better report about the seminar by one of my lovely students Teresa Biersack. (Sorry it's in German.) But hopefully it gives you an idea about the whole seminar.



Thousand thanks to everyone involved! It was a huge fun and worked out really well for all students!

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OSA workshop at the LMU

Wow, seems like I've been silent since October . It's time to catch up with all the exciting December things.

First of all, my lovely London friends and OSA-colleagues Emilie and Gareth were over to give my students an introduction to physical computing and a rough idea of critical thinking and methodologies. This full-weekend-workshop was a compulsory part of my current seminar "Interactive Media for Children" for art pedagogy and art & multimedia students at the LMU.

In the beginning Emilie and Gareth were telling about their background and giving insights into OSA projects and critical methods in creative practice. After half an hour it was time to unpack the newly-arrived arduinos and get everybody's hands on them! We started with the basic examples like LED blink and light-sensitive resistors (if you are about to learn arduino yourself, there are very nice examples and tutorials on the arduino webpage). We proceeded with building a bio-sensory device from OSA's previous workshop Rebooting Computing (check out the super detailed wiki-page of the project with all tutorials and background information).

By the end of the day we were introducing our personal little projects to the students, created specifically for this workshop. Unfortunately, there are no pictures, as all of us were simultaneously busy. But you can look into the code of each project here (yes, we are the open systems association!), and hopefully we'll put up some pictures soon!

On the second day the students were supposed to come up with an arduino-based project idea in groups, and prototype it within three hours. I was very impressed how quickly each group agreed upon an idea and how far all the groups got in the end! We had an anti-pollution project with a suffering planet if it was touched by the power station, or a happy planet if planted with a tree. Another project was a dating heart, used for comparing the answers of a couple. And the third one was a physical rock-paper-scissors game where you had to touch the object of your choice.

Two great days of physical computing,  British English and mostly happy faces :))) What a joy!
A big thank you to Gareth & Emilie, and also to Karin who made way for this collaboration despite the jungles of German bureaucracy.

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Bits & Bobs

Next week is the start of the new term at the university and I'm gonna teach a newly established  seminar on Interactive Media for Children at the LMU, which involves many exciting cooperation partners! Also, I'm setting up a media theory reading group. Primarily for art & multimedia students, but basically all students and teachers you are welcome to join: computer scientists, future art educators, philosophers, sociologists and so on.
Also, me and Ilja have created a new blog called What's on in M

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Back to work and autumn plans

After a short summer break I am back to town and already jumped headlong into the studio work. It's not easy to embrace this gloomy chilly rain after several months of stunning weather, but I am trying hard.

My inspiration board for the past months: El Greco, Lora Zombie, Jessica Tremp, Tania Alisova, a photograph of Dustin Hoffman,
and a fox which doesn't want to work (it only wants to snarl фыр-фыр-фыр).

To share some more inspiration with you and get you into a tinkering mood, eliciting you out of your room / office space, I'd like to invite you to the Wearable Technology workshops at the beautiful Bayerisches Nationalmuseum on the 29 of September. Or alternatively, you could send your kids away to the workshop for youngsters and have a party in their absence! During this session you will learn the basics of soft circuits, hardware hacking, sewing and soldering from three media and textile artists, and walk out with your own Speaking Bag! Get your tickets now! Here for you and here for your kids.

Something you'll learn in this workshop. Can you guess what it is?
Other goodies this autumn include lots of teaching, submissions and collaborations with lovely people. Starting from October I'll be at the LMU again, however I'll be offering a completely different course than last winter, which will be more like a patchwork of different topics, experimental tasks and external partners feeding into the whole process. I'm very excited how everything is going to evolve around it, but can't tell you more right now.

Stay tuned and have a nice week!

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Two weeks ago I went down to Munich to do an introductory session for the course I'll be teaching in February at my home uni (LMU). I've got 21 students, most of them are in their second year of BA Art and Multimedia, but some are doing their MA in Media Computer Science. 

The course itself is called "Facets of Media Art", which means that we'll be talking about different categories, artists, projects and methodologies. And on the last day of the course we will go to the ZKM in Karlsruhe which will hopefully be lots of fun!

PS: Just had this idea... Maybe I should do a series of posts on projects which we will be discussing on the course. I think I like it.

-----------And now for something completely different: the weather ----------------

Beautiful Indian summer on a Thursday...

...and then two days later this: 

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