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Inspiration / Aspiration workshop for young people in London

My life has been so crazy during the last several months, with one workshop after another every week, sometimes several workshops a week, each and every one completely different, at various places and with various people. I hardly looked back at what I've been actually doing all this time, constantly racing towards the next project. But I am always happy about such intense periods of work, and also happy when they are over. 

I am going to start with the very beginning of this winter marathon, which was a workshop with my beloved Beddow n Battini collective, and another good reason to go to London! We organised a series of workshops, aimed at encouraging young people to pursue a creative career. Thus we decided to share the various skills and techniques crucial to Beddow n Battini. We conducted four workshops within two days, which included story telling by Fay, character development by Wumi, self expression by Adeeb and creative technology led by myself.

Unfortunately, our workshops were not very well promoted, and thus we ended up having only few participants, despite the fact that they were during the school holidays and free of charge. Nevertheless, it was fun and we had very interesting participants of different backgrounds who had individual stories to tell.

I was conducting a maKey maKey workshop, which is always exciting with people who haven't heard of it before. The aim was to enhance the pictures and stories created in previous workshops and add layers of interaction.

My workshop ended Thursday evening, and I had to leave my friend's flat at 3am to take the very first flight to Munich, as I was booked for another workshop there for Friday... but let that be a different story ))

Have a lovely sunny weekend everyone!

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My Rotherhithe animation at London Transport Museum!

A couple of months ago I submitted my Rotherhithe illustration and animation (which was part of the 100 Word Pilgrimage by Beddow n Battini collective) to the Serco Prize for Illustration at London Transport Museum... and then completely forgot about it. A month later I got an e-mail saying that my animation was accepted. And somehow everything went so suspiciously smoothly, that I wasn't sure if my illustration was really going to be there. Last week I was over in London for work, and went to the Transport Museum just to check if it was all true at all!

I was relieved to find my animation on display in deed, with both sound and picture in working order. The description seemed to be an extremely shortened version of what I submitted, but that's not the end of the world. 

I was sure there will be loads and loads of animations on display, but they only had 5 in total! All in all, there were 1.200 submissions and only 50 artworks got accepted. And seeing so many illustrations of such a great quality on the show made me feel even more honored to be part of it than I already was! Thanks for the brilliant organisation Holly, Sabine and everyone else involved!

Here is a brief description of the exhibition:

"Across the ages, London has produced and inspired countless stories. Fictitious and real characters and events in this amazing city have always held fascination, from anecdotal urban myths to grand tales of historic legend.

London Stories, an exhibition featuring the best of the entries for The Serco Prize for Illustration 2014 features 50 works of art. Entrants were asked to create an illustration which visually captures a well-known or obscure London narrative; stories that are contemporary or historical, real or imagined."

I  absolutely loved this illustration below by Erica Sturla, The Menagerie in the Tower.
This illustration depicts an urban legend that the Queen has her own secret tube line.
This illustration below won the first prize. It's Gill Bradley's Monkey Band at Large in Notting Hill, 1927 – a raucous depiction of an "escaped monkey jazz band".

The exhibition will be on until 6 April! So all ye London friends, you've got enough time to see it!
Have a look at the Creative Review article on the exhibition. If you'd like to purchase a poster (sadly
but obviously only for illustrations, not for animations), here is the online poster shop.


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My London fellow artists

While I was being kept busy in the summer my dear London friends haven't been sitting on their hands either. First of all, our illustrators & creative writers gang Beddow 'n Battini has been showcasing our 100 Word Pilgrimage all over London, dividing our pieces between four different locations. Apart from that, Tatiana submitted my Rotherhithe piece to the Aurasma competition, which made it to the final round! If you'd like to support me, you can vote for it here.

all above pictures by Josh
Additionally to these exhibitions, Tatiana and Wumi have produces three big-scale pieces of street art!
by Tania and Wumi

Meanwhile, the OSA collective, which I am also part of, has had a critical media exhibition in the spacious and light Hart Lane Studios. The Open Systems Association is an allotment society for the critically curious and the technologically disaffected. OSA's approach and methodology are quite unique, as we have both a practical and a theoretical background. While working on our projects, we conduct academic as well as practice-based research, which feeds into the critical substance of the artwork. Generally, we are very curious about the process of investigation itself, including its cultural, social and political notions, rather than in the finished and sealed representation of the accomplished work. The June exhibition is called Everything But the Kitchen, which is a cultural lab articulated as a radical kitchen space. Seven units house critical experiments where members of the public can plug into bodies and their processes, approaching critical thinking and technological tinkering from the perspective of physical engagement. shift once our nipples are connected through suction to another body? How does time materialise in a physical database of chopped, organised and washed vegetables? How can we re-politicise domestic media by grinding corn kernels? (Read more here.)
All pictures courtesy of OSA

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Exhibition Opening: A Journey from East to South

Last Friday our art collective Beddow 'n Battini had an opening of an exhibition hosted by the Hatched Gallery in London. It was part of our interactive art & literature project 100 Word Pilgrimage, which we were previously showcasing in December. I came over from Munich for the second day of the exhibition and was amazed by the set up which was so diverse and elaborated on many facets of a journey, encouraging the audience to join in.

Here is a new illustration of mine, and below is the accompanying animation, which is accessible with the augmented reality app Aurasma. (If you download it, you can test it where-ever you are by pointing at the illustration on your computer screen.)

 This time new pictures and writings were hung up in a vivid curve, to support the flow and rhythm of the journey.

Tania's amazing new piece: a Shoreditch hipster in winter time :)
Wumi's crazy perspective illustration 
with a focus on Vietnamese people in Whitechapel
Ailish's delicate illustration with Tania's brilliant ink animation. loved it

What really amazed me was a huge mural, which guys produced within just one week! I loved every bit of it! I wonder if we could take it on a journey as well. Despite the fact that artists with very individual styles have been working on it, it works really well together and all parts merge into one mural organically.
In other parts of the exhibition there were pieces from the previous show, a mind-map of the project development and an interactive corner inviting the visitors to share their own journey through London.

It is a very nice feeling to know that collaboration can also work over distances. It was inspiring to get these creative vibes from London while working in Munich. And midnight skype-clinic on composition and light with Tania are awesome!

It all ended with suspiciously cheap burgers at Weatherspoon's :))))

The exhibition will be on until May 24! Southwark Studios, Rich House, 4th Floor, 40 Crimscott Street, London, SE1 5TE. Come along!

(Here is a review of the exhibition in Russian by moscowlondon. 
Здесь можно почитать про выставку в жж moscowlondon по-русски.)

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INVITATION: 100 Word Pilgrimage at Hatched Gallery

If you are in London between 11th and 24th of May, you should come, pop in, drop by, get down- you get the idea - to our interactive audio-visual exhibition A Journey from South to East - a continuation of the 100 Word Pilgrimage project! The opening is at Hatched Gallery, on the 10th of May, 6-10 pm.

There will be some new illustrations and written pieces on display, among others an illustration dedicated to Rotherhithe I've finally finished a couple of days ago. You will also see beautiful new illustrations by Tatiana, Wumi, Eddie, Kalinda and many more! Come and bring your portable binary friends of any size!

To give you the taste, here's a gorgeous invitation designed by Tatiana:

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The pilgrimage goes on and on

The 100 Word Pilgrimage project is on tour again! The next exhibition is going to take place at Southwark Studios, on the 10th of May. Initiated by the art collective Beddow 'n' Battini of which I am part, this time it will be a journey from East to South London and will include brand new stories, illustrations, animations and other secret things. Come along if you are in London!

Meanwhile a sneak peek of an illustration I am working on for the exhibition: an ode to Rotherhithe, South London.

Here is what I wrote about the 100 Word Pilgrimage exhibition in December.

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Moving Forest Video

Remember when I wrote about this in July? So, good news: a video from the Moving Forest Event is available now! A twelve-hour sound art opera of betrayal and rebellion against London Olympics 2012, based on Akira Kurosawa's Throne of Blood, devised by Shu Lea Cheang. A series of various performances which took place at the Chelsea College of Art. Lots of crazy people, huge fun and my first experience as a workshop leader. To see my soft circuit graffiti workshop, jump to min. 8:11, act 4 insurgency.

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Next week I'll be flying over to London to paint a mural commissioned by the 47-49 Tanner street, a Victorian warehouse used for BBC productions, film shoots and all sorts of exhibitions and public events.  

Here a sneak peek into sketches. Guess which theme I'm working on...

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New Beginnings

Goodbye London -

  hello Munich!

A new beginning in the new year. New flat and new jobs to come, and hopefully a new city to rediscover. Until then: lots of food.

This year was a special one, taking place in a vibrant extraordinary city which became part of myself. 

In numbers: 

- took part in two exhibitions, one performance and one workshop
- became a Master of Art and a fan of media archaeology and glitch art.
- became obsessed with wearable electronics, conductive ink, arduino and makey-makey
- became a street art fanatic
- met fantastic media artists, illustrators, glitch artist, animators and other crazy people
- visited three Secret Cinema events and one Future Cinema
- traveled to Berlin, Bristol, Brighton, Bath, etc. Spring in Ireland and autumn in Wales. WARM SUN! I MISS U!
 - learned to bake scones and perfected the art of cupcakes
- hosted 25 people in a studio flat

Wish everyone a happy, peaceful and warm year!! And a lot of creative energy!

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100 Word documentation

The video documenting the exhibition is out!

The #100WordPilgrimage at 4749 :: Beddow 'n' Battini Studios from Lorenzo Strappelli on Vimeo.
Thank you Lorenzo, Wumi, Adeeb, Tatiana and all the others for the hard work!

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100 Word Pilgrimage - Exhibition coming up!

Tomorrow is the opening of the 100 Words Pilgrimage, my first exhibition with the collective Beddow 'n' Battini! It will be on until the 4th of December. Come and see what our team of writers and illustrators has been working on! And download this app for an augmented reality experience at the venue.


There will be music on Saturday (at 6 pm and 8.30 pm) and there will be stand-up comedy on Sunday. And lots of fun throughout! Here is the project website.

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100 Word Pilgrimage - Impressions

The exhibition in the beautiful space near Tower Bridge is over and I can take a short breath before moving on with other big things.

As I mentioned before, we exhibited 100 word texts dedicated to different locations in London next to their illustrations, and embedded animations which were accessible through the augmented reality app Aurasma.

 This is my illustration of Croydon (Southern suburb of London).

 And Aurasma in action: each animation is layered on top of the actual illustration.


And here is the animation I made:

By the way, all the pictures are taken by my dear friend Anna Kartasi.

I am sooo happy to have met all the people from the collective through this wonderful project! Huge fun to work with the team!!! Looking forward for more to come!




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100 Words Pilgrimage - A sneak peek

A small preview of what I've been working throughout the last week: literally last minute I got involved in a brilliant project, which will culminate in an exhibition on the 1st of December.
The 100 Words Pilgrimage is about exploring the hidden corners of London with eyes wide open. Creative writers were sent out to put down their impressions about a specific spot compressed in 100 words. Afterwards it was the task of visual artists to re-interpret the writings into picturesque narratives.

I got on board through a truly wonderful illustrator Tatiana, who invited me to one of the group's  meetings. So for the first time in ages I've been drawing intensively. A little sneak peek sketch:

If you are in London, do come along and sign up for the 100 Words Pilgrimage event on facebook! Here is a the tumblr of the project. More details coming soon, stay tuned!

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A litte bit of kitsch

Love you when the sun comes out! 


The other day I cycled to the centre for the first time, instead of taking the tube. Before that I only had the courage to cycle to the college all the way through parks and quiet roads. And I must say, I discovered a convincing number of cycle lanes (even though they're part of the busy roads) and met many cyclists on my way, which was reassuring.

It's such a beautiful way to explore the city with all it's beauties and "uglies". I saw so many beautiful corners, churches, parks and quiet streets South from the Thames, still waiting to be introduced to me. And on my way back I saw... well... Bermondsey. South Bermondsey. Never realised how huge it is. It's a pity I don't have any pictures, as it was already getting dark.

Oh yes, I was complaining that there is no "golden" autumn over here. Well, I just had to be a bit patient. 

Upd.: How cynical is that. Here I am, writing my first post on cycling ever, just to discover 20 minutes later that my bike was stolen...

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Six moths and spring in da city

I have been walking around the blank blog entry for a while now, trying to organise and put down the whole range of new feeling, thoughts and events in my head... Of course, it is impossible, there are always too many things going on. But at the same time nothing seems to be as new as six months ago when I met this non-touristic London for the first time. Now everything became more mundane, somewhere between "Ah, I like that good old place" and "Oh no, we've been through this before". 

Shamelessly stealing Ilya's pictures...


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Pretty ugly. Did you know?

Ever since we are in London I've been wondering about these rotating red and white cylinders attached to the front of some shops. So subconsciously I associated them with candies

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Street Art in L

A small personal update of street art spotted in the street of L. Inevitably started to memorise artists' names. Welcome to an open-air museum with a constantly changing exhibition ;) 

Relatively new ROA in Shoreditch.



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My favourite shop

Two weeks ago we went to Greenwich again. And going to Greenwich means passing by Lush Designs, a lovely shop with brilliant illustrations by Maria Livings and Marie Rodgers. They print them on lampshades, kitchen towels, cups, plates and and and. It immediately became my favourite shop: so bright, filled with dimmed lights and inspiring images.

When I saw those kitchen towels I knew exactly what I want to do with them. You must agree with me that it would be a shame to use them for the dirty kitchen work.

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German Christmas markets and British clichés

Last week-end's visit to Hyde park. Christmas market turned out to be a mixture of what it is supposed to be plus Oktoberfest. 

Mmm, mulled wine or Glühwein or...

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A London-ish week-end

Enough of glossy life, this time I want to show you the shabby side of London. And a lot more. This is our walk on a lovely day two weeks ago:

Well, this park is not particularly shabby, but wait for it...

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panda eats, shoots and leaves!