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OSA workshop at the LMU

Wow, seems like I've been silent since October . It's time to catch up with all the exciting December things.

First of all, my lovely London friends and OSA-colleagues Emilie and Gareth were over to give my students an introduction to physical computing and a rough idea of critical thinking and methodologies. This full-weekend-workshop was a compulsory part of my current seminar "Interactive Media for Children" for art pedagogy and art & multimedia students at the LMU.

In the beginning Emilie and Gareth were telling about their background and giving insights into OSA projects and critical methods in creative practice. After half an hour it was time to unpack the newly-arrived arduinos and get everybody's hands on them! We started with the basic examples like LED blink and light-sensitive resistors (if you are about to learn arduino yourself, there are very nice examples and tutorials on the arduino webpage). We proceeded with building a bio-sensory device from OSA's previous workshop Rebooting Computing (check out the super detailed wiki-page of the project with all tutorials and background information).

By the end of the day we were introducing our personal little projects to the students, created specifically for this workshop. Unfortunately, there are no pictures, as all of us were simultaneously busy. But you can look into the code of each project here (yes, we are the open systems association!), and hopefully we'll put up some pictures soon!

On the second day the students were supposed to come up with an arduino-based project idea in groups, and prototype it within three hours. I was very impressed how quickly each group agreed upon an idea and how far all the groups got in the end! We had an anti-pollution project with a suffering planet if it was touched by the power station, or a happy planet if planted with a tree. Another project was a dating heart, used for comparing the answers of a couple. And the third one was a physical rock-paper-scissors game where you had to touch the object of your choice.

Two great days of physical computing,  British English and mostly happy faces :))) What a joy!
A big thank you to Gareth & Emilie, and also to Karin who made way for this collaboration despite the jungles of German bureaucracy.

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My London fellow artists

While I was being kept busy in the summer my dear London friends haven't been sitting on their hands either. First of all, our illustrators & creative writers gang Beddow 'n Battini has been showcasing our 100 Word Pilgrimage all over London, dividing our pieces between four different locations. Apart from that, Tatiana submitted my Rotherhithe piece to the Aurasma competition, which made it to the final round! If you'd like to support me, you can vote for it here.

all above pictures by Josh
Additionally to these exhibitions, Tatiana and Wumi have produces three big-scale pieces of street art!
by Tania and Wumi

Meanwhile, the OSA collective, which I am also part of, has had a critical media exhibition in the spacious and light Hart Lane Studios. The Open Systems Association is an allotment society for the critically curious and the technologically disaffected. OSA's approach and methodology are quite unique, as we have both a practical and a theoretical background. While working on our projects, we conduct academic as well as practice-based research, which feeds into the critical substance of the artwork. Generally, we are very curious about the process of investigation itself, including its cultural, social and political notions, rather than in the finished and sealed representation of the accomplished work. The June exhibition is called Everything But the Kitchen, which is a cultural lab articulated as a radical kitchen space. Seven units house critical experiments where members of the public can plug into bodies and their processes, approaching critical thinking and technological tinkering from the perspective of physical engagement. shift once our nipples are connected through suction to another body? How does time materialise in a physical database of chopped, organised and washed vegetables? How can we re-politicise domestic media by grinding corn kernels? (Read more here.)
All pictures courtesy of OSA

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Where I am and what I'm doing

Here are some subtle clues:

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Six moths and spring in da city

I have been walking around the blank blog entry for a while now, trying to organise and put down the whole range of new feeling, thoughts and events in my head... Of course, it is impossible, there are always too many things going on. But at the same time nothing seems to be as new as six months ago when I met this non-touristic London for the first time. Now everything became more mundane, somewhere between "Ah, I like that good old place" and "Oh no, we've been through this before". 

Shamelessly stealing Ilya's pictures...


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Early steps of public intervention

I just realised I never posted my first term project documentation here. Well, it's never too late! This documentation actually covers just the social part of the project. 

This project is all about the Olympic games, which are, by the way, coming to London just in one week. Aaaah! Yes, it's about the Olympics and all those trees which had to be cut down to give way to this two-week madness. So my idea was to bring the trees "back to their roots" and symbolically let them run a marathon to eventually replant themselves.

Now, trees are generally not very mobile, so I went for flowers for a start. Remote controlled flowers, to be precise.

The technical part of this project was to design an alternative way of controlling these "trees". Initially I wanted to build a pipe, which would move the trees if you blew into it. But because we were not allowed to finish anything after the first term, I stopped when all the hacking and coding was done and I knew how I could have finished. 

Tree Marathon from Anna B on Vimeo.

What turned out to be much more important was the social part. This was the first time 
ever I went out in public to test a project. And to change my vision of artistic research for ever. This is what the video is actually about. 

What was completely unexpected but turned out to be hilarious, was the fact that all my rc cars operated on the same frequency. Which means that you can move all these cars using just one remote control! Thus, firstly, you cannot identify YOUR car because you don't understand which one you are actually controlling and, secondly, you can never win this marathon.

Long live the accident! Hip-hip!

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MA IM: Final Expo

Last week we had our degree show and although it was good to see weeks and weeks of work culminating in an event like this, I feel a bit sad about the end of the practical part of our course. So yes, we had an exposition, not to mix up with an exhibition, which means that we were meant to show work in progress and explain our methodologies, rather than worrying about a polished presentation of our projects.

Exhibitions (or expositions) are funny. Preparing an exhibition is like renovating your home. It's all about banal practical things and about getting it done with all the necessary tools within an unthinkable amount of time. It's the time when the simplest things go wrong. It's when the simplest things make you feel proud of yourself. You will laugh, but this was the first time in my life I drilled and put up shelves on a wall. The first time I painted furniture was for my BA degree show. Anila didn't allow me to cut the wood though, saying that it's too thick and that it might be dangerous if I've never done it before. At lease I was allowed to hold it, while she was cutting :))

Our last crisis and problem solving meeting on the day before the opening.

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Moving Forest & Soft circuits

In November I wrote about a workshop, which was led by MzTEK as part of preparations for the Moving Forest project, where we built electronic weapons / musical instruments and went out to a park to annoy people on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

This Wednesday, 4 July the main part of the Moving Forest is taking place and all MA IM students are welcome to participate. A couple of words about the MF:

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And yet another workshop

Yes, yes, last week I did another mostly exciting workshop with people who are visually impaired (again at Time & Talents). Most of the participants were again from South London and a few of the participants used to work in a factory for blind people, which was charity based, as far as I understood. 

I was a bit nervous before this meeting. First, I did not know if people there lost their sight with  the age or if there were born blind. And second, I was afraid to say something silly concerning visual media, like to start asking about photography (which actually did happen to me in the very end. I asked a gentleman if he liked taking pictures with his mobile phone...umpf).

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Extending memories and personal skills

On Monday I had my first proper workshop related to my final project. I visited the Over 60s Group of the social community Time and Talents in Rotherhithe, who were so kind to let me do it. The aim was to tease out older people's memories about old media and above all the way they influenced them in every-day life.

Rule number one: in this country nothing ever works without tea and biscuits!!!

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Kicking off my final project

(Warning! Not very entertaining and long, but not really academic and dry either.)

Technology progresses and mutates rapidly. What was broadly used in the beginning of the 20th century has become obsolete and forgotten. Putting my investigations for the major project in the theoretical framework of the Extended Mind and assuming that technology is a mean of active externalisation of human cognition in the environment, I propose to contemplate on the following question:

If it is true that our cognition is actively extended through modern technology, then which means of extension were appropriated by older generations? Which technology was available to them and how did this relationship differ from the modes of extension available to us today?

Looking for possible answers to this question, I want to address the histories of human relationship with machines and technology with means of media archaeology, in hope to unravel the past and gain a critical perspective on current developments.

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False Memory: last term's projects

Another set of experiments we did, was directed towards exploration of false memories.

My first tiny exercise consisted of writing a letter to Anna K (the Greek ;) ), describing situations and evens which never took place, connecting them to Olympic games and the myth of Prometheus. Luckily, my tactics worked: when Anna read the letter, she was confused and felt is if she had a light form of dementia.


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Sensational Memory: a set of mini-experiments

As my final term just started yesterday, it's time to share my adventures from my previous term or everything will get lost and suppressed by the new stuff.

From end of January until March I worked in a group of three (with a girl from Greece and another girl from Saudi Arabia) and had to face my "germanness" in organisational things, which I was never aware of before. (For instance, what is a person who spent the past 10 years in Germany supposed to say to the Southern concept, that meetings should not be planned and that they just come at some point?) But all in all, the group work was fun and adventurous.


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My marginal notes

Some lectures are just so inspiring:

Oh yes, almost forgot to mention my main source of inspiration: a place to be during the final exams.

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Peckham - Zimbabwe - India

In our second term we have to define our minor projects, ideally addressing our final project in the last term. As we are supposed to support each other as much as possible, I joined Anila for the first empirical research for her project.

I'll try to describe Anila's background, so that you understand, why we did this strange stuff on an ordinary Wednesday afternoon. Anila is an Indian from Zimbabwe, who moved to the UK when she was 18 and is an English native speaker. She did her Bachelor degree in Arts and works as a curator for various arts projects, festivals, exhibitions, etc. For her minor project she wants to dwell upon the political situation in Zimbabwe. For this purpose she decided to concentrate on the electricity as a source of power and control, because the government frequently turns down the whole electrical supply of the country. For a start she was advised by Graham to pick some wood around her home and then lit a fire and try to cook something, to experience what the lack of electricity actually means.

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Back to my Goldsmiths World

The endless flow of essay-writing eventually came to an end and has been taken over by a new term accompanied by fresh thoughts and naive resolutions. After spending one week in the library, I was very happy to be able to attend the lectures and the seminars, which officially started a week ago.

The only positive thing about sitting in the library is the view.
Zoom in and look at the OTHER London on the horizon.

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panda eats, shoots and leaves!