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Designing a Business Card

Two days ago I've written about an exhibition about Glitch Art. So it seems only logical, that while I was working on a business card for my sister-in-law yesterday, her Majesty Glitch decided to pay me a visit. She sneaked into my Photoshop, and created business cards of her own... How dare I even think of a dull white background?! So, below are some pictures designed by me us.

My beautiful sister-in-law is a professional singer and teacher. You can hire her for concerts or learn to sing from her!  Oh, and in case you are wondering why all those cherries: Vishnevska reminds of vishnja (вишня), which means cherry in Russian.

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Soft Robots and Talking T-Shirts in Heidelberg

Last weekend I was kindly invited to Heidelberg by my amazing artist friend Anna Donska to conduct two wearable workshops together at Kulturfenster. Anna is offering all sorts of drawing workshops and museum excursions (check out her blog for bright and resourceful pictures). Unfortunately, Anna caught a bad cold, so I ended up doing the second workshop on my own. And I even managed to take the cold home, as a little souvenir from Heidelberg. ))

The first day was dedicated to making Talking T-Shirts (the same technical concept I've used previously for Speaking Bags), for children from age 8. As usual, I offered the participants to create their own soft buttons. However, to my surprise, most of them decided to keep the original "hard" button of the sound module and concentrate on the design of the shirt. And even more surprisingly, despite the absence of real technical challenges, we were struggling with the timing in the end. I must also add that I was very disappointed with the sound modules I ordered for this workshop. I've always had many issues with those, but this time I think half of them stopped working by the end of the workshop, which was rather frustrating... (I think I need eHaJo people make one for my workshops.)

One of my resolutions this year is to become more open source and open data. So here is a list of materials and tools needed, and I also attach my hand-out with the instructions.
Materials: - paper and pencil for sketching and planing
- T-Shirt
- re-recordable sound-module
- thread
- felt and fabric left-overs
- fabric glue or hot glue gun
- conductive thread

- needle
- scissors
- cable stripper


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Speaking Bag by Anna Blumenkranz is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

The second workshop, which I ran on my own, was a Soft Robot one, aimed at families. I have never done it for an audience like this before, (though, I used to have totally mixed workshops) and I just loved the concept! There was one father-son team, and two two-kids-one-mum teams. The atmosphere was great and laid-back, and every team finished the electric part by the end. Here is everything we've used in this workshop:

- felt
- fiberfill
- two LEDs
- cell coin battery 3V
- battery holder
- conductive thread

- needle
- scissors
- pliers 

Possible buttons:

For Velcro Buttons:
- Two pieces of velcro
- conductive thread
- opt: felt

For conductive pompom: 
- thick knitting yarn
- conductive thread
- two round pieces of cardboard with a whole in the middle

For Stroke Sensor:
- felt
- conductive thread

Many thanks to lovely and hospitable Anna, friendly Kulturfenster & Ulla, and beautiful sunny Heidelberg!

Creative Commons License
Soft Robots / Kuschelroboter by Anna Blumenkranz is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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Exhibition: A story behind a photograph

A couple of weeks ago I was setting up an exhibition with students of the Russian Cultural Centre GOROD in Munich. The opening was on the 16th March and the show will be on for at least another month. For this project I teamed up with Alya, the content pro. My part was to develop a visual concept, to co-coordinate and produce.

The exhibition is based on young people's stories around photographs from their family archives, narrated in Russian and German. Set up as a train trip, it takes the visitors on a journey through time and space, from the middle of the 20th century to the present time, from Germany to the East of Russia.
Pictures bellow taken by rromashka

 This exhibition wouldn't be possible without a number of people involved. Firstly, I want to thank the incredibly inventive technicians Borja Fischmann, Ilja Galle and Lew Tyves who were working around the clock. Secondly, the young authors themselves, who helped to produce the exhibition. They were cutting, painting, gluing, etc. etc., and stayed up until 6am to finish the set-up in time before the opening! And thirdly, all the people who were around at the right time and helped out with whatever was on. THANK YOU!

And a bit of making of:

 For all those who can, here is a lively review in Russian.

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V&A Digital Design Weekend

Last weekend Victoria and Albert Museum had a Digital Design Weekend and I was very lucky to be part of it. There was a huge exhibition showcasing exciting projects, surrounded by crowds of visitors. Meanwhile, I was assisting a MzTEK workshop, where we made soft-circuit robots with participants, or short: softbots. We had two sessions, 3 hours each, with participants of different ages and backgrounds.

The aim of these workshops is always to get people interested in creative electronics, demonstrate how accessible it is and provide an initial motivation to explore this world independently.

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My favourite shop

Two weeks ago we went to Greenwich again. And going to Greenwich means passing by Lush Designs, a lovely shop with brilliant illustrations by Maria Livings and Marie Rodgers. They print them on lampshades, kitchen towels, cups, plates and and and. It immediately became my favourite shop: so bright, filled with dimmed lights and inspiring images.

When I saw those kitchen towels I knew exactly what I want to do with them. You must agree with me that it would be a shame to use them for the dirty kitchen work.

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