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My London fellow artists

While I was being kept busy in the summer my dear London friends haven't been sitting on their hands either. First of all, our illustrators & creative writers gang Beddow 'n Battini has been showcasing our 100 Word Pilgrimage all over London, dividing our pieces between four different locations. Apart from that, Tatiana submitted my Rotherhithe piece to the Aurasma competition, which made it to the final round! If you'd like to support me, you can vote for it here.

all above pictures by Josh
Additionally to these exhibitions, Tatiana and Wumi have produces three big-scale pieces of street art!
by Tania and Wumi

Meanwhile, the OSA collective, which I am also part of, has had a critical media exhibition in the spacious and light Hart Lane Studios. The Open Systems Association is an allotment society for the critically curious and the technologically disaffected. OSA's approach and methodology are quite unique, as we have both a practical and a theoretical background. While working on our projects, we conduct academic as well as practice-based research, which feeds into the critical substance of the artwork. Generally, we are very curious about the process of investigation itself, including its cultural, social and political notions, rather than in the finished and sealed representation of the accomplished work. The June exhibition is called Everything But the Kitchen, which is a cultural lab articulated as a radical kitchen space. Seven units house critical experiments where members of the public can plug into bodies and their processes, approaching critical thinking and technological tinkering from the perspective of physical engagement. shift once our nipples are connected through suction to another body? How does time materialise in a physical database of chopped, organised and washed vegetables? How can we re-politicise domestic media by grinding corn kernels? (Read more here.)
All pictures courtesy of OSA

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Berlin Street Art -and- museums

After the Alternative London Tour which I did in October and was praising it to heaven (here), my expectations for the Alternative Berlin Tour were probably too great... Our guide couldn't quite live up to my expectations. He turned out to be a passionate squatter, but didn't seem to be particularly interested in street art. Moreover, he was talking about my favourite street artist in a slightly ignorant manner.

Trying to overcome these negative vibes, I managed to take some nice pictures.
The most impressive part of the tour was walking around Hackescher H

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Life is a cabaret

Two days, 17 hours of work, several film shoots taking place in the same building with constant shouts: "Quiet please! Rolling!... Cut!", people running up and down, and huge fun. I thought drawing a mural would be quite a lonely matter, but I had the best company I can imagine! With my beloved Beddow 'n Battini mates (thank you so much Wumi, Tatiana and Adeeb!) helping me out and supporting me, and with wonderful Scarlett and Rosy who run the 47-49 Tanner street venue. It was so much fun to work with them! They are doing an incredible job, supporting the local and creative community! Thank you for a joyful and intense time!

pic by Tatiana Alisova

pic by Wumi 
pic by Wumi 



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Cabaret mural - work in progress

Working on my first mural and having a lot of fun! 


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Six moths and spring in da city

I have been walking around the blank blog entry for a while now, trying to organise and put down the whole range of new feeling, thoughts and events in my head... Of course, it is impossible, there are always too many things going on. But at the same time nothing seems to be as new as six months ago when I met this non-touristic London for the first time. Now everything became more mundane, somewhere between "Ah, I like that good old place" and "Oh no, we've been through this before". 

Shamelessly stealing Ilya's pictures...


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Moving Forest & Soft circuits

In November I wrote about a workshop, which was led by MzTEK as part of preparations for the Moving Forest project, where we built electronic weapons / musical instruments and went out to a park to annoy people on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

This Wednesday, 4 July the main part of the Moving Forest is taking place and all MA IM students are welcome to participate. A couple of words about the MF:

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Street Art in L

A small personal update of street art spotted in the street of L. Inevitably started to memorise artists' names. Welcome to an open-air museum with a constantly changing exhibition ;) 

Relatively new ROA in Shoreditch.



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