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Artists in Support of Ukraine - Exhibition opening

Recently I took part in a group exhibition organised by a Kiev-born artist Natalia Zurakowska, who is my former arts teacher and whom I dearly love. It was a charity exhibition, so as all money from the sold artwork was donated to support the refugees in Ukraine.

For this exhibition I created three embroidered portraits in traditional colours, inspired by Ukrainian fairy tails. A good example for this type of folklore is a tail of the fox, the cat and the cock: "Котик та пiвник", which I used as an audio source for the portrait of the granny. The idea to display e-embroidered artwork this way is borrowed from a Spanish artist Oh!villo, whom I discovered some time ago and whose work I find utterly beautiful and subtle.

Apart from e-embroideries I also exhibited three prints from the previous 100 Word Pilgrimage shows (Croydon in South London, Rotherhithe in East London, and the Munich edition: Kriechbaumhof in Haidhausen).

In the end, we managed to collect a decent sum of money which was given to a very trustful Ukrainian charity organisation. My fox now lives with the amazing Brigitte Yoshiko Pruchnow  who bought it (check out her fantastic work and masterly acrylic water reflections). And I, for my part, was very tempted to buy Natalia's Ukrainian village cat :)

Brigitte's graphic work
Natalia's new Ukrainian-themed paintings

Amazing textile work by Irina Lupyna

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I feel very honoured to be part of a virtual exhibition space called the Spam Project initiated by Markus Rico and Carolina Romano. It is related to glitch art, digital media art and surveillance.  Supported by my super talented husband we've contributed a text which you can read at the bottom of this post or watch it exhibited in the virtual space here. It's like going to an exhibition but staying at home at the same time! Check it out!


Recent events:
UAMO Festival: a literally underground festival or urban culture. I exhibited my Strait Tablecloth, which I discovered all torn apart and broken on the last day of the show. Which actually means that the resonance was really good, as people were not only actively interacting but were also trying to break free from the restrictions imposed by the installation. Lesson learned: you never know where the artwork is going to take you!

Make Munich: a huge maker fair was a big fun again! This year I was collaborating with eHaJo, who made a special circuit board for my workshop! So this time we made robots which changing smileys. I had participants who came from various cities just to take part in my workshop! And I also had my lovely friend Anna from Athens assisting me, which was a great help!  Read more about the whole event on Hannes's eHaJo blog.

pic by Cut & Tear
pic by Anna Kartasi

Upcoming events:
Next week the 100 Word Pilgrimage Munich is going to London! After a successful exhibition in Munich in May, me and some other Munich artists are paying a visit to our colleagues in London! We are going to explore the hidden gems of London, describe them in words and colours. Stay tuned for updates on our adventures on the island!

Also, at the moment there's a next 100 Word Pilgrimage exhibition in London, at the W3 Gallery. It's called Go West. Pop by if you're around. It features my Rotherhithe illustration.

'I forgot the password and my Doppelg

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My Haidhausen Illustration

Just realised I haven't actually posted neither the illustration nor the animation I've made for the last 100 word pilgrimage show. Must have been too destructed by the whole admin and orga work. So here it goes! If you haven't done so yet, you can have a sneak at what other artists have produced on our webpage over here.

This illustration depicts Kriechbaumhof - a wooden hostel for workers from the 19th century, and the history connected to it. (Here's a short article about it with pics.) Also, you should know that I had my prenatal course in this cute house, and lovely Petra, who's written the 100 words about this place, once had her creative writing course there. So all these aspects are part of the story.

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100 Word Pilgrimage - Exhibition in Munich

I've been absent from this space for a good reason known to most of my readers, but now a thorough catch up is needed!

Despite working on a very tight schedule, everything was finished just in time for the exhibition.
Prior to the opening there was an article about me and the project in the Sueddeutsche, an interview in BR (Bavarian Radio), a post on Arts in Munich, etc, etc.

Luckily we got some financial support from the city and others, and thus could implement almost all the ideas we had. For instance, we prepared the "pilgrim packages" which contained postcards of all the 21 artworks. These postcards also included our quiz questions around the respective places. The visitors were offered to explore the hidden places of the city for themselves and could find the answers at these specific spots, attached to bicycles.

For more background information about the project and all the artwork created for the project, check out the website I've built shortly after the show: http://100wordpilgrimage-munich.tumblr.com/

The opening night was fabulous! We even had Wumi and Tatiana - Beddow n Battini members who came over from London. And a 8-string guitar virtuoso Alexander Vynograd was a invaluable addition to the evening. I am very grateful to all the Munich artists who participated with their artwork, organisational brilliance and devotion to the project! I was so lucky to have such talented and reliable artists on board! I also want to thank the whole PLATFORM team, who supported us with all possible means, gave us the space for a whole month, with technical, financial and all possible issues.

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100 Word Pilgrimage is coming to Munich!

Ever since I've been back to Munich, I wanted to introduce the concept of the 100 Word Pilgrimage exhibitions we've done with Beddow n Battini collective in London. (Here is what I've written about the three previous shows focusing on different parts of London in December 2012, April-May and June 2013.) The concept is very simple and prolific: first the writers embark on a pilgrimage to a specific place or area of the city and write down their impressions in 100 words. Then they pass these writings on to the illustrators, who pursue this narrative with visual means. Finally, the animators combine the writings and illustrations and bring the whole story to life, embedding their own ideas and impressions. During the exhibition visitors can access the animations with their smartphones or tablets, using the augmented reality app Aurasma.

Flyer design: Mirko Kahl, illustration: Rosy Wilson

And now it's finally official! The opening of the 100 Word Pilgrimage Munich will be on 8 May 2014, 7pm at PLATFORM, Kistlerhofstr. 70 (U3 Aidenbachstr.)! It will run from 9th until 12th May, from 11am until 7pm. (You can sign up for this event on FB.) Throughout the whole exhibition it will be possible to go on a self-initiated pilgrimage to the places we picked for our artwork, solve some riddles on the way there and discover the city from a new angle.  During the weekend we'll be also offering artists & writers talks at their spots in the city. Watch out for further details coming soon!

What's new about the Munich edition of the project, is that we added an international flavour to it: I was very lucky to gather a lovely and very talented team of Munich artists from different areas and backgrounds. I also invited the Beddow n Battini artists from London who came down to Munich last week to develop new artwork in collaboration with the local team of artists and writers.

Wumi & Tyutchev
Ice cream and sun at Wei

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Inspiration / Aspiration workshop for young people in London

My life has been so crazy during the last several months, with one workshop after another every week, sometimes several workshops a week, each and every one completely different, at various places and with various people. I hardly looked back at what I've been actually doing all this time, constantly racing towards the next project. But I am always happy about such intense periods of work, and also happy when they are over. 

I am going to start with the very beginning of this winter marathon, which was a workshop with my beloved Beddow n Battini collective, and another good reason to go to London! We organised a series of workshops, aimed at encouraging young people to pursue a creative career. Thus we decided to share the various skills and techniques crucial to Beddow n Battini. We conducted four workshops within two days, which included story telling by Fay, character development by Wumi, self expression by Adeeb and creative technology led by myself.

Unfortunately, our workshops were not very well promoted, and thus we ended up having only few participants, despite the fact that they were during the school holidays and free of charge. Nevertheless, it was fun and we had very interesting participants of different backgrounds who had individual stories to tell.

I was conducting a maKey maKey workshop, which is always exciting with people who haven't heard of it before. The aim was to enhance the pictures and stories created in previous workshops and add layers of interaction.

My workshop ended Thursday evening, and I had to leave my friend's flat at 3am to take the very first flight to Munich, as I was booked for another workshop there for Friday... but let that be a different story ))

Have a lovely sunny weekend everyone!

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The mural video is out

At last!
As some of you may know, last January I was commissioned to draw a Cabaret-inspired mural at 47/49 Tanner Street (a film set occasionally used by the BBC, a creative space for local artists and communities, and and and). The filmed material which was lying around ever since, is now being dug out from the dark dungeon of accumulated data, cut and polished! Working on this footage reminded me of how much fun those couple of days in London were. And after long pondering I've even found a soundtrack I really liked: it's one of Pollina's (also known as Pollyester) numerous music projects called Kamera Kino. Thanks again, Wumi, Rosie and Scarlett at 47/49 Tanner Street, Tania and Adeeb!

Recently, I've started spending more time on researching what our Bavarian capital has to offer, earmarking events and exhibitions I'd like to visit in Munich. I'm happily sharing it here, as there are actually cool things going on, but I find it really tough to find them. Nothing comparable to Time Out or Londonist over here.

Wednesday, 2 October:
MUSIC: Hauskonzerte - concerts organised in tiny cozy venues, you never know in advance where the next one is going to be... And you need to be quick to sign up for a concert once it's announced.

MUSIC: Rage Against Abschiebung Festival in Feierwerk dedicated to refugee relief, with various bands, etc.

Thursday, 3 October:
ARTS: My friends Steffi (rag treasure) and Klaus will be setting up an installation called "Zelle" at a pub called Fridas Kunstkammer, Steinheilstr.10, U2 Theresienstra

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