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T-Shirt Piano at Nerd Rider

photo by FormatD
End of February I've been invited to lead a whole-day event on wearables as part of the Nerd Rider event series. Prior to the workshop I gave a one-hour lecture on the history of e-textiles, with insights into various political and social arts projects in this realm. Afterwards the participants had a technical introduction into Arduino Lilypad microcontroller and its programming. And then they went on to design and sew their very own T-Shirt piano.

photo by FormatD
photo by FormatD
photo by FormatD
I loved doing a whole-day workshop, as you can squeeze in very diverse input. Although the time never seems to be sufficient, and I wish we had a whole week together. And I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop participants, their contagious enthusiasm, and their various skills and backgrounds ranging from textile designers for BMW and space engineers to ambitious high-school grads.

A huge thank you to the organizers - Format D, who took over the whole event management and materials, registration, space set-up, and, and and. They had to do some late-night shifts to make this event happen. Thanks to Christian, Benno & Catherina!

photo by FormatD

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Make Munich 2016

Last weekend I was leading a new workshop called "Thread the Sunshine In!" at this year's Make Munich. We were integrating a solar motor into a soft circuit, which would run either from a solar cell if the weather allows it, or from a 3V coin cell battery. Everything was sewn onto a piece of felt with velcro or buttons around the corners, so that you could be flexible and attach your solar motor to your hood, backback, shirt or whatever is well exposed to sun beams.


This time the workshop was slightly different for me and for everybody else. We were being filmed by BR for a short video on the TV. Same week before the workshop I've been interviewed in my studio about women and the maker movement. The video is still available here.

This year's Make Munich was huuuge! It moved to Zenithhalle, which is three times as bis as Tonhalle. So there were even more makers, visitors, events, robotic competitions, 3d printers, etc. etc. than previously.

Many thanks to the organisers Martin & Jenny, all the volunteers, and especially a guy from Munich Maker Lab who spontaneously assisted me throughout the whole workshop with soldering, gluing and taking most of the above pictures! Such an amazing support, thank you so so much!

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