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Next week I'll be flying over to London to paint a mural commissioned by the 47-49 Tanner street, a Victorian warehouse used for BBC productions, film shoots and all sorts of exhibitions and public events.  

Here a sneak peek into sketches. Guess which theme I'm working on...

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100 Word Pilgrimage - Exhibition coming up!

Tomorrow is the opening of the 100 Words Pilgrimage, my first exhibition with the collective Beddow 'n' Battini! It will be on until the 4th of December. Come and see what our team of writers and illustrators has been working on! And download this app for an augmented reality experience at the venue.


There will be music on Saturday (at 6 pm and 8.30 pm) and there will be stand-up comedy on Sunday. And lots of fun throughout! Here is the project website.

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100 Words Pilgrimage - A sneak peek

A small preview of what I've been working throughout the last week: literally last minute I got involved in a brilliant project, which will culminate in an exhibition on the 1st of December.
The 100 Words Pilgrimage is about exploring the hidden corners of London with eyes wide open. Creative writers were sent out to put down their impressions about a specific spot compressed in 100 words. Afterwards it was the task of visual artists to re-interpret the writings into picturesque narratives.

I got on board through a truly wonderful illustrator Tatiana, who invited me to one of the group's  meetings. So for the first time in ages I've been drawing intensively. A little sneak peek sketch:

If you are in London, do come along and sign up for the 100 Words Pilgrimage event on facebook! Here is a the tumblr of the project. More details coming soon, stay tuned!

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My marginal notes

Some lectures are just so inspiring:

Oh yes, almost forgot to mention my main source of inspiration: a place to be during the final exams.

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