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Glitch Art Exhibition - Opening Talk

 Last December I was invited to make an opening speech for the Glitch Art exhibition of Rosa Menkman and Nick Briz at Europ

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Soft Robots and Talking T-Shirts in Heidelberg

Last weekend I was kindly invited to Heidelberg by my amazing artist friend Anna Donska to conduct two wearable workshops together at Kulturfenster. Anna is offering all sorts of drawing workshops and museum excursions (check out her blog for bright and resourceful pictures). Unfortunately, Anna caught a bad cold, so I ended up doing the second workshop on my own. And I even managed to take the cold home, as a little souvenir from Heidelberg. ))

The first day was dedicated to making Talking T-Shirts (the same technical concept I've used previously for Speaking Bags), for children from age 8. As usual, I offered the participants to create their own soft buttons. However, to my surprise, most of them decided to keep the original "hard" button of the sound module and concentrate on the design of the shirt. And even more surprisingly, despite the absence of real technical challenges, we were struggling with the timing in the end. I must also add that I was very disappointed with the sound modules I ordered for this workshop. I've always had many issues with those, but this time I think half of them stopped working by the end of the workshop, which was rather frustrating... (I think I need eHaJo people make one for my workshops.)

One of my resolutions this year is to become more open source and open data. So here is a list of materials and tools needed, and I also attach my hand-out with the instructions.
Materials: - paper and pencil for sketching and planing
- T-Shirt
- re-recordable sound-module
- thread
- felt and fabric left-overs
- fabric glue or hot glue gun
- conductive thread

- needle
- scissors
- cable stripper


Creative Commons License
Speaking Bag by Anna Blumenkranz is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

The second workshop, which I ran on my own, was a Soft Robot one, aimed at families. I have never done it for an audience like this before, (though, I used to have totally mixed workshops) and I just loved the concept! There was one father-son team, and two two-kids-one-mum teams. The atmosphere was great and laid-back, and every team finished the electric part by the end. Here is everything we've used in this workshop:

- felt
- fiberfill
- two LEDs
- cell coin battery 3V
- battery holder
- conductive thread

- needle
- scissors
- pliers 

Possible buttons:

For Velcro Buttons:
- Two pieces of velcro
- conductive thread
- opt: felt

For conductive pompom: 
- thick knitting yarn
- conductive thread
- two round pieces of cardboard with a whole in the middle

For Stroke Sensor:
- felt
- conductive thread

Many thanks to lovely and hospitable Anna, friendly Kulturfenster & Ulla, and beautiful sunny Heidelberg!

Creative Commons License
Soft Robots / Kuschelroboter by Anna Blumenkranz is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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Artists in Support of Ukraine - Exhibition opening

Recently I took part in a group exhibition organised by a Kiev-born artist Natalia Zurakowska, who is my former arts teacher and whom I dearly love. It was a charity exhibition, so as all money from the sold artwork was donated to support the refugees in Ukraine.

For this exhibition I created three embroidered portraits in traditional colours, inspired by Ukrainian fairy tails. A good example for this type of folklore is a tail of the fox, the cat and the cock: "Котик та пiвник", which I used as an audio source for the portrait of the granny. The idea to display e-embroidered artwork this way is borrowed from a Spanish artist Oh!villo, whom I discovered some time ago and whose work I find utterly beautiful and subtle.

Apart from e-embroideries I also exhibited three prints from the previous 100 Word Pilgrimage shows (Croydon in South London, Rotherhithe in East London, and the Munich edition: Kriechbaumhof in Haidhausen).

In the end, we managed to collect a decent sum of money which was given to a very trustful Ukrainian charity organisation. My fox now lives with the amazing Brigitte Yoshiko Pruchnow  who bought it (check out her fantastic work and masterly acrylic water reflections). And I, for my part, was very tempted to buy Natalia's Ukrainian village cat :)

Brigitte's graphic work
Natalia's new Ukrainian-themed paintings

Amazing textile work by Irina Lupyna

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I feel very honoured to be part of a virtual exhibition space called the Spam Project initiated by Markus Rico and Carolina Romano. It is related to glitch art, digital media art and surveillance.  Supported by my super talented husband we've contributed a text which you can read at the bottom of this post or watch it exhibited in the virtual space here. It's like going to an exhibition but staying at home at the same time! Check it out!


Recent events:
UAMO Festival: a literally underground festival or urban culture. I exhibited my Strait Tablecloth, which I discovered all torn apart and broken on the last day of the show. Which actually means that the resonance was really good, as people were not only actively interacting but were also trying to break free from the restrictions imposed by the installation. Lesson learned: you never know where the artwork is going to take you!

Make Munich: a huge maker fair was a big fun again! This year I was collaborating with eHaJo, who made a special circuit board for my workshop! So this time we made robots which changing smileys. I had participants who came from various cities just to take part in my workshop! And I also had my lovely friend Anna from Athens assisting me, which was a great help!  Read more about the whole event on Hannes's eHaJo blog.

pic by Cut & Tear
pic by Anna Kartasi

Upcoming events:
Next week the 100 Word Pilgrimage Munich is going to London! After a successful exhibition in Munich in May, me and some other Munich artists are paying a visit to our colleagues in London! We are going to explore the hidden gems of London, describe them in words and colours. Stay tuned for updates on our adventures on the island!

Also, at the moment there's a next 100 Word Pilgrimage exhibition in London, at the W3 Gallery. It's called Go West. Pop by if you're around. It features my Rotherhithe illustration.

'I forgot the password and my Doppelg

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Portfolio update

I've finally updated my homepage! Check it out!

Critique and suggestions are welcome.

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My Haidhausen Illustration

Just realised I haven't actually posted neither the illustration nor the animation I've made for the last 100 word pilgrimage show. Must have been too destructed by the whole admin and orga work. So here it goes! If you haven't done so yet, you can have a sneak at what other artists have produced on our webpage over here.

This illustration depicts Kriechbaumhof - a wooden hostel for workers from the 19th century, and the history connected to it. (Here's a short article about it with pics.) Also, you should know that I had my prenatal course in this cute house, and lovely Petra, who's written the 100 words about this place, once had her creative writing course there. So all these aspects are part of the story.

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100 Word Pilgrimage - Exhibition in Munich

I've been absent from this space for a good reason known to most of my readers, but now a thorough catch up is needed!

Despite working on a very tight schedule, everything was finished just in time for the exhibition.
Prior to the opening there was an article about me and the project in the Sueddeutsche, an interview in BR (Bavarian Radio), a post on Arts in Munich, etc, etc.

Luckily we got some financial support from the city and others, and thus could implement almost all the ideas we had. For instance, we prepared the "pilgrim packages" which contained postcards of all the 21 artworks. These postcards also included our quiz questions around the respective places. The visitors were offered to explore the hidden places of the city for themselves and could find the answers at these specific spots, attached to bicycles.

For more background information about the project and all the artwork created for the project, check out the website I've built shortly after the show: http://100wordpilgrimage-munich.tumblr.com/

The opening night was fabulous! We even had Wumi and Tatiana - Beddow n Battini members who came over from London. And a 8-string guitar virtuoso Alexander Vynograd was a invaluable addition to the evening. I am very grateful to all the Munich artists who participated with their artwork, organisational brilliance and devotion to the project! I was so lucky to have such talented and reliable artists on board! I also want to thank the whole PLATFORM team, who supported us with all possible means, gave us the space for a whole month, with technical, financial and all possible issues.

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100 Word Pilgrimage is coming to Munich!

Ever since I've been back to Munich, I wanted to introduce the concept of the 100 Word Pilgrimage exhibitions we've done with Beddow n Battini collective in London. (Here is what I've written about the three previous shows focusing on different parts of London in December 2012, April-May and June 2013.) The concept is very simple and prolific: first the writers embark on a pilgrimage to a specific place or area of the city and write down their impressions in 100 words. Then they pass these writings on to the illustrators, who pursue this narrative with visual means. Finally, the animators combine the writings and illustrations and bring the whole story to life, embedding their own ideas and impressions. During the exhibition visitors can access the animations with their smartphones or tablets, using the augmented reality app Aurasma.

Flyer design: Mirko Kahl, illustration: Rosy Wilson

And now it's finally official! The opening of the 100 Word Pilgrimage Munich will be on 8 May 2014, 7pm at PLATFORM, Kistlerhofstr. 70 (U3 Aidenbachstr.)! It will run from 9th until 12th May, from 11am until 7pm. (You can sign up for this event on FB.) Throughout the whole exhibition it will be possible to go on a self-initiated pilgrimage to the places we picked for our artwork, solve some riddles on the way there and discover the city from a new angle.  During the weekend we'll be also offering artists & writers talks at their spots in the city. Watch out for further details coming soon!

What's new about the Munich edition of the project, is that we added an international flavour to it: I was very lucky to gather a lovely and very talented team of Munich artists from different areas and backgrounds. I also invited the Beddow n Battini artists from London who came down to Munich last week to develop new artwork in collaboration with the local team of artists and writers.

Wumi & Tyutchev
Ice cream and sun at Wei

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My Rotherhithe animation at London Transport Museum!

A couple of months ago I submitted my Rotherhithe illustration and animation (which was part of the 100 Word Pilgrimage by Beddow n Battini collective) to the Serco Prize for Illustration at London Transport Museum... and then completely forgot about it. A month later I got an e-mail saying that my animation was accepted. And somehow everything went so suspiciously smoothly, that I wasn't sure if my illustration was really going to be there. Last week I was over in London for work, and went to the Transport Museum just to check if it was all true at all!

I was relieved to find my animation on display in deed, with both sound and picture in working order. The description seemed to be an extremely shortened version of what I submitted, but that's not the end of the world. 

I was sure there will be loads and loads of animations on display, but they only had 5 in total! All in all, there were 1.200 submissions and only 50 artworks got accepted. And seeing so many illustrations of such a great quality on the show made me feel even more honored to be part of it than I already was! Thanks for the brilliant organisation Holly, Sabine and everyone else involved!

Here is a brief description of the exhibition:

"Across the ages, London has produced and inspired countless stories. Fictitious and real characters and events in this amazing city have always held fascination, from anecdotal urban myths to grand tales of historic legend.

London Stories, an exhibition featuring the best of the entries for The Serco Prize for Illustration 2014 features 50 works of art. Entrants were asked to create an illustration which visually captures a well-known or obscure London narrative; stories that are contemporary or historical, real or imagined."

I  absolutely loved this illustration below by Erica Sturla, The Menagerie in the Tower.
This illustration depicts an urban legend that the Queen has her own secret tube line.
This illustration below won the first prize. It's Gill Bradley's Monkey Band at Large in Notting Hill, 1927 – a raucous depiction of an "escaped monkey jazz band".

The exhibition will be on until 6 April! So all ye London friends, you've got enough time to see it!
Have a look at the Creative Review article on the exhibition. If you'd like to purchase a poster (sadly
but obviously only for illustrations, not for animations), here is the online poster shop.


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Kafe Kunst Fest at Kafe Kult

On December 15 I took part in the Kafe Kunstfest organised by lovely people at Kafe Kult. I have never been there before, and it turned out to be a little bit hard to reach, but very bohemian and Berlin-style venue with sprayed walls and vintage furniture. Kafe Kunstfest is a self-organised non-profit arts DIY festivals with exhibitions, gigs, design items, etc.

I was showing my current project The Strait-tablecloth (Die Zwanstischdecke), in which I explored new ways of food sharing as an essential part of social life, challenged by constant virtual presence and communication. A dining table is traditionally at the heart of daily information exchange within every family. Every Friday my sister celebrates Sabbath and this is the time when the whole family comes together to exchange news, discuss books and films and make plans. However, as two of her children already possess smart phones, they tend to take this opportunity as a mental escape, while actually still being physically present. This was my initial motivation to investigate into the influence of new technologies and new media on social and cultural aspects of of meal sharing. So, as a first step of my inquiry I created a tablecloth which makes interaction between the people around the table more exciting, but at the same time very restricting and rather uncomfortable. A tablecloth which dictates its own social rules, refraining people from using touchscreens and forcing to focus on those who are physically present. Dining at this table you either collaborate or starve.

After setting everything up, I could finally take a look at my neighbours' stands.

This is lovely Paula who makes amazing jewelry from electronic garbage. (I mentioned her in my previous post on XMake Fair).

Steffi and Klaus were also selling their artwork and clothes.

Back to my bananas. 

This was my tiny workshop lab

And here is me explaining the project

And here is a visitor explaining the project to his friends :)
Thanks to the organisers for such a lovely event! I met so many young creatives and enthusiastic visitors! And thanks to Severin for taking some of the above pictures.

And here is a bonus: a picture of my London-based OSA colleagues Emilie and Gareth, who were the very first people to test the very first prototype of the project.

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The mural video is out

At last!
As some of you may know, last January I was commissioned to draw a Cabaret-inspired mural at 47/49 Tanner Street (a film set occasionally used by the BBC, a creative space for local artists and communities, and and and). The filmed material which was lying around ever since, is now being dug out from the dark dungeon of accumulated data, cut and polished! Working on this footage reminded me of how much fun those couple of days in London were. And after long pondering I've even found a soundtrack I really liked: it's one of Pollina's (also known as Pollyester) numerous music projects called Kamera Kino. Thanks again, Wumi, Rosie and Scarlett at 47/49 Tanner Street, Tania and Adeeb!

Recently, I've started spending more time on researching what our Bavarian capital has to offer, earmarking events and exhibitions I'd like to visit in Munich. I'm happily sharing it here, as there are actually cool things going on, but I find it really tough to find them. Nothing comparable to Time Out or Londonist over here.

Wednesday, 2 October:
MUSIC: Hauskonzerte - concerts organised in tiny cozy venues, you never know in advance where the next one is going to be... And you need to be quick to sign up for a concert once it's announced.

MUSIC: Rage Against Abschiebung Festival in Feierwerk dedicated to refugee relief, with various bands, etc.

Thursday, 3 October:
ARTS: My friends Steffi (rag treasure) and Klaus will be setting up an installation called "Zelle" at a pub called Fridas Kunstkammer, Steinheilstr.10, U2 Theresienstra

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Back to work and autumn plans

After a short summer break I am back to town and already jumped headlong into the studio work. It's not easy to embrace this gloomy chilly rain after several months of stunning weather, but I am trying hard.

My inspiration board for the past months: El Greco, Lora Zombie, Jessica Tremp, Tania Alisova, a photograph of Dustin Hoffman,
and a fox which doesn't want to work (it only wants to snarl фыр-фыр-фыр).

To share some more inspiration with you and get you into a tinkering mood, eliciting you out of your room / office space, I'd like to invite you to the Wearable Technology workshops at the beautiful Bayerisches Nationalmuseum on the 29 of September. Or alternatively, you could send your kids away to the workshop for youngsters and have a party in their absence! During this session you will learn the basics of soft circuits, hardware hacking, sewing and soldering from three media and textile artists, and walk out with your own Speaking Bag! Get your tickets now! Here for you and here for your kids.

Something you'll learn in this workshop. Can you guess what it is?
Other goodies this autumn include lots of teaching, submissions and collaborations with lovely people. Starting from October I'll be at the LMU again, however I'll be offering a completely different course than last winter, which will be more like a patchwork of different topics, experimental tasks and external partners feeding into the whole process. I'm very excited how everything is going to evolve around it, but can't tell you more right now.

Stay tuned and have a nice week!

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My London fellow artists

While I was being kept busy in the summer my dear London friends haven't been sitting on their hands either. First of all, our illustrators & creative writers gang Beddow 'n Battini has been showcasing our 100 Word Pilgrimage all over London, dividing our pieces between four different locations. Apart from that, Tatiana submitted my Rotherhithe piece to the Aurasma competition, which made it to the final round! If you'd like to support me, you can vote for it here.

all above pictures by Josh
Additionally to these exhibitions, Tatiana and Wumi have produces three big-scale pieces of street art!
by Tania and Wumi

Meanwhile, the OSA collective, which I am also part of, has had a critical media exhibition in the spacious and light Hart Lane Studios. The Open Systems Association is an allotment society for the critically curious and the technologically disaffected. OSA's approach and methodology are quite unique, as we have both a practical and a theoretical background. While working on our projects, we conduct academic as well as practice-based research, which feeds into the critical substance of the artwork. Generally, we are very curious about the process of investigation itself, including its cultural, social and political notions, rather than in the finished and sealed representation of the accomplished work. The June exhibition is called Everything But the Kitchen, which is a cultural lab articulated as a radical kitchen space. Seven units house critical experiments where members of the public can plug into bodies and their processes, approaching critical thinking and technological tinkering from the perspective of physical engagement. shift once our nipples are connected through suction to another body? How does time materialise in a physical database of chopped, organised and washed vegetables? How can we re-politicise domestic media by grinding corn kernels? (Read more here.)
All pictures courtesy of OSA

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Aaber affected

As some of you might know, from 5th until 7th of July I participated in the Aaber Award Exhibition which was set on the ground of an open-air circus, close to the Leonrodplatz. The tents, the hipsters and the good vibes reminded me of East London which, let's face it, is rather unusual for Munich. I was very happy to meet the impressively young organisers as well as other artists. Quite surprisingly to myself, I've met quite a few people I already knew from my BA course in Arts and Multimedia, and a bunch of people who graduated later than me, or were just about to do so.
by Xenia Fumbarev
While setting everything up in our tent, we worked really hard with Klaus and Steffi as the Knife and Needle collective. Some friends even came by to help us. In the end one part of our exhibition space filled with various obscure communication amplifiers: surreal textile devices combined with paintings and sonic media. And the other part was dedicated to our open lab, where Steffi was inventing and sewing various protheses aimed at solving communication problems of our visitors (e.g. one lady wished for a knee-bra), while I was soldering a sink-radio (which refused to work in the end, I suspect the antenna was causing the problems...) Spontaneously, I constructed a rather simplistic model of an analog data base, which comprised various algorithmic processes from the every-day life, e.g. recipes, morning exercises, hiking routes, knitting patterns, etc.  For me, the whole approach of setting up a lab space turned out to be a very valuable methodology. The audience became actively involved, and thus interested in the development of the artwork. This experimental space offered an appropriate framework for further discussions and exchange of ideas. And I can't express how thankful I am to Steffi and Klaus for this collaboration, they are amazing artists to be working with!

Steffi is wearing Fernweh which according to the dictionary is Wanderlust in English (Sounds like an initial point for an exciting
linguistic analysis of German dark-romanticism vs. a more light and positive term, apparently more appropriate for export)
An analog data base for algorithmic processes
A spying mechanism and a sleep mask for the whole face
A special guest from Graz hired for sweeping.
A knee-bra
Pictures below courtesy of Zeitjung

Here are some articles about the Aaber Award on mucbook and Zeitjung,

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Evil Media in Rotterdam

Two weeks ago I went to Rotterdam to help Matsuko install the Evil Media Distribution Centre, which was shown at The New Institute. Eight different works ranging from interior and product design to archaeology and critical art formed the exhibition called The Ruin. I was writing about the Evil Media Distribution Centre earlier in Februrary when we set it up at the Transmediale in Berlin, but here is a brand new brilliant article by Stephen Fortune, where you can find out more about the concept.

I was so happy to be working together with Matsuko again, and meeting all the incredibly friendly museum personnel: starting with the ever-joking cheerful museum director and ending with a russophile technician who would enthusiastically shout "Работа! Работа!" once he found out that I was from Ukraine. I grew to love the process of setting up exhibitions. It is such a beautiful psychotic time, when you run around from early morning until very late, get to know so many people by working side by side with them, experience the sparkling ups and the nervous downs, have adventurous tasks and unexpected problems to solve, and produce something very tangible in the end which makes you feel proud and part of something meaningful.

I especially loved the fact that there was a kitchen in the basement of the museum, which had supplies of food and most importantly coffee. You could just sit with everyone working for the museum at one table: technicians, information desk workers, cleaners, bookshop keepers, exhibition producers, etc.

For the first night I was staying in Leiden at my parents' friends, which was 30 min train ride from Rotterdam. It turns out that you can cross four important cities within half an hour, as you pass by Delft and den Haag on the way to Leiden. Holland, you seriously impressed me.

The opening night was fantastic, and the speech of the director must have been very enjoyable, but the only thing I could understand was something something Evil Media, and thanks to Graham Harwood, Matsuko Yokokoi, Tom Keene and Anna Blumenkranz. In the meantime my husband was occupied with tiny octopuses in his salad.

The exhibition will be on for the next three months, so if you are close to Rotterdam (which is basically everywhere in Holland, as I found out) you have the chance to see it!

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Aaber Award in Munich next weekend

Dear everybody! Next weekend there will be an art exhibition called Aaber Award hosted by a spectacular open-air circus Wannda, close to Leonrodplatz. The organisers' mission is to support young artists and create space for artistic intervention. I will be collaborating with Klaus and Steffi from ragtreasure to transform a tent. Throughout the whole event visitors will be able to cast their votes for their favourite artwork and, on Saturday the winners will be announced. Come and support us! Bellow is the official invitation in German:

Freitag 5. Juli - Sonntag 7. Juli 2013

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Exhibition Opening: A Journey from East to South

Last Friday our art collective Beddow 'n Battini had an opening of an exhibition hosted by the Hatched Gallery in London. It was part of our interactive art & literature project 100 Word Pilgrimage, which we were previously showcasing in December. I came over from Munich for the second day of the exhibition and was amazed by the set up which was so diverse and elaborated on many facets of a journey, encouraging the audience to join in.

Here is a new illustration of mine, and below is the accompanying animation, which is accessible with the augmented reality app Aurasma. (If you download it, you can test it where-ever you are by pointing at the illustration on your computer screen.)

 This time new pictures and writings were hung up in a vivid curve, to support the flow and rhythm of the journey.

Tania's amazing new piece: a Shoreditch hipster in winter time :)
Wumi's crazy perspective illustration 
with a focus on Vietnamese people in Whitechapel
Ailish's delicate illustration with Tania's brilliant ink animation. loved it

What really amazed me was a huge mural, which guys produced within just one week! I loved every bit of it! I wonder if we could take it on a journey as well. Despite the fact that artists with very individual styles have been working on it, it works really well together and all parts merge into one mural organically.
In other parts of the exhibition there were pieces from the previous show, a mind-map of the project development and an interactive corner inviting the visitors to share their own journey through London.

It is a very nice feeling to know that collaboration can also work over distances. It was inspiring to get these creative vibes from London while working in Munich. And midnight skype-clinic on composition and light with Tania are awesome!

It all ended with suspiciously cheap burgers at Weatherspoon's :))))

The exhibition will be on until May 24! Southwark Studios, Rich House, 4th Floor, 40 Crimscott Street, London, SE1 5TE. Come along!

(Here is a review of the exhibition in Russian by moscowlondon. 
Здесь можно почитать про выставку в жж moscowlondon по-русски.)

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INVITATION: 100 Word Pilgrimage at Hatched Gallery

If you are in London between 11th and 24th of May, you should come, pop in, drop by, get down- you get the idea - to our interactive audio-visual exhibition A Journey from South to East - a continuation of the 100 Word Pilgrimage project! The opening is at Hatched Gallery, on the 10th of May, 6-10 pm.

There will be some new illustrations and written pieces on display, among others an illustration dedicated to Rotherhithe I've finally finished a couple of days ago. You will also see beautiful new illustrations by Tatiana, Wumi, Eddie, Kalinda and many more! Come and bring your portable binary friends of any size!

To give you the taste, here's a gorgeous invitation designed by Tatiana:

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The pilgrimage goes on and on

The 100 Word Pilgrimage project is on tour again! The next exhibition is going to take place at Southwark Studios, on the 10th of May. Initiated by the art collective Beddow 'n' Battini of which I am part, this time it will be a journey from East to South London and will include brand new stories, illustrations, animations and other secret things. Come along if you are in London!

Meanwhile a sneak peek of an illustration I am working on for the exhibition: an ode to Rotherhithe, South London.

Here is what I wrote about the 100 Word Pilgrimage exhibition in December.

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MAKE MUNICH coming up - or - Electronics love friends and tea

If you are around Munich during weekend, come down for my soft circuit electronics workshop and plenty of other exciting things at the makers' fair Make Munich! Saturday and Sunday from 2pm to 5pm, at the Tonhalle in Kunstpark Ost. The tickets cost 13,37€ for the whole fair (+ 5€ for my workshop to cover the supplies). It's a non-profit event, everyone's working for free, even the organisers. So the price is really fair. (Read about the workshop here.)

Somebody special popped by to learn the basics of wearable technology, to have some tea, biscuits and a good laugh...

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panda eats, shoots and leaves!